Trevor chases some kids off his land. He plans to take action when he has to put out some small fires and discovers somebody has been poaching too. Sam is still annoyed over coming joint-second with Seth in the vegetable show and rants to Amos. He asks him to scrub his name from the newspaper but Amos won't. Henry offers to help Tony Vine at his fish farm in Hotten while his father goes away on a break. Joe comes across Vivian sitting on a park bench in Hotten, deep in thought. He hurries off when Joe speaks to him leaving Joe concerned. Trevor introduces Joe and Annie to Rachel Wellow, a relative of Paula's who is staying with them for a while. He asks Joe if they have many problems with vandalism and explains about the kids and fires. Amos worries that Henry's taking on too much when he tells him the news about the fish farm. Donald wonders if Vivian is a little emotionally unstable and he along with Henry, Marian and Annie devise to track him down. Seth discovers a fire on Trevor's land.


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  • The Woolpack - Public bar, Hallway, Backroom, Front exterior
  • Emmerdale Farm - Farmhouse kitchen/living room, Yard
  • Unknown road
  • Unknown fields
  • Unknown park in Hotten
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