The fire is put out, but Trevor is worried as the building is where he stored all the pesticides. He calls in the water authorities. Marian and Henry visit the fish farm in Hotten. Sam goes collecting wood for carving and bumps into Trevor erecting more 'No Trespassing' signs. Rachel bumps into Joe as he's fixing a wall. He invites her for a drink and she accepts. Sam comes back and grumbles about Trevor in front of her. Henry tracks Vivian down in Hotten and they go for a walk. Henry apologises for questioning his war record and Vivian apologises for being stupid. Marian and Amos both discuss whether they think Henry has done the right thing by deciding not to move away from Beckindale, and both agree he has. Sam catches Seth hunting rabbits on Estate land and warns him he's trespassing. Rachel worries to Paula that she should have turned down Joe's offer of a drink, as she came to Beckindale for alone time rather than to get involved with people. She plans to ring him and cancel diplomatically later. Sam's annoyed when he receives two photos of the prizewinners at the village show from Jerry, asking him to pass one of them on to Seth. Henry chats to Marian, Amos and Donald about Vivian and notes how alone he is. He reveals that meeting him today has made him realise how fortunate he is to have family and friends around him. They try to come to a conclusion on the best way to help him. Rachel and Joe go to to the fish farm together. She apologises for turning down his offer of a drink and explains her reason. Joe's surprised when he notices some of the fish are dead.


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