Trevor is frustrated with the amount of poaching going on and intends to catch whoever is responsible. Marian tells Henry she must return to Rome that night. She plucks up the courage to say that things have changed and they aren't at the centre of each others world's anymore and that they should talk more. Sam accepts Seth's challenge to the hunting contest, but insists he is not trespassing. Annie invites Marian and Henry to the farm for a farewell tea before Henry drives her to the airport. Joe, Rachel, Trevor and Paula gather for a barbecue at Home Farm. Inspired, Matt and Dolly decide to go for a meal in Hotten. An argument ensues at the barbecue between Trevor and Rachel as she passes comment on Paula opening an art shop. Trevor responds by letting slip that Rachel's marriage is falling apart. Seth calls for Sam later that night so they can go hunting. Sam's suspicious when he discovers Seth has brought a gun, thinking they were using snares. Joe takes the news well over Rachel's marriage falling apart. Seth and Sam cross over Home Farm land. Seth goes on ahead and Sam is disappointed as he looks in his bag and discovers Seth's been poaching. He receives a shock when Trevor appears behind him, catching him holding a dead bird.


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