Seth plants dead birds outside the caravan at Home Farm to indicate Sam isn't guilty. Annie, Matt and Dolly work out that Seth is involved in Sam's quandary. Tony's surprised when Trevor suggests buying the fish farm from him and Peter and keeping them on in a managerial position. Joe informs Sam that Trevor isn't going to do anything about him but Sam is still upset that the village see him as a poacher. Henry is annoyed by Trevor's actions over the fish farm, believing Trevor should have paid compensation. An upset Sam confesses in private to Donald what happened between him and Seth when he was caught on Home Farm land. Donald believes that if he didn't condone Seth's way of life, that he shouldn't have accepted the challenge and should deal with the consequences. Joe arrives back at 3 Demdyke Row finding a note from Rachel saying she wants to be on her own for a bit. Joe goes to Home Farm to find her but Paula advises him to leave her until she's sorted her head out over the split of her marriage. Tony tells Henry and Matt he thinks he and his father will probably end up leaving Beckindale. Joe finds Rachel at the stream and tries to persuade her to stay. She tells him that she's not going back to her husband but they've met too soon and she needs to be over her marriage first. Having worked out that Seth was responsible for the poaching at Home Farm, Trevor ponders taking him on at the farm as a gamekeeper. Joe comments to Dolly that he wishes Rachel hadn't left.


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