Joe introduces himself to the new estate herdsman, Steve Ashcroft. Steve suggests Joe go on a dairy course. Sam calls to see Nellie and tries to persuade her to take up residence elsewhere. She is adamant that she's not moving. Henry informs Matt and Amos that he's spoken to his solicitor and has discovered Nellie can delay the process for a while, but the company still have the legal right to evict her. Annie decides to put on a cheese making contest to raise funds for the church. She suggests to Donald that he take on Nellie as a housekeeper, but he isn't sure. Amos visits Nellie on the Hotten Courier's instruction, but conveniently forgets his notebook. He tells Nellie that he'll be reporting back that she knows nothing about the rumour of her eviction and that she can trust him not to spread her private life all over the newspaper. She's thankful. Joe shares a drink with Steve in The Woolpack and he and Henry discover that Steve and his wife and children are set to move into Nellie's cottage.


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