Joe attends a modern dairy management course, leaving Matt to work on the farm alone. Nellie receives a letter from NY Estates saying they require her cottage for an agricultural worker on the estate and they want her to look over a council flat. Sam warns her that they're implying if she refuses to move she could be taken to court. Nellie is upset. Henry suggests to Amos that The Woolpack hold a raffle with the funds going to the church. George Bladon, from Social Services, arrives at The Woolpack asking for directions to Nellie's cottage. Joe and Matt wonder if somebody is attempting to rustle their sheep when they discover half a wall missing at the farm. George visits Nellie wanting her to have a look at a council flat in Hotten, but she shuts the door on him. He calls at Emmerdale Farm and speaks to Annie and Sam about the flat and takes them both to view it in an attempt to persuade Nellie to visit, they're impressed. Dolly's annoyed with Joe when she finds out that his dairy course starts tomorrow morning and he'll be leaving Matt to work on the farm alone for four days. Sam tries to persuade Nellie to take a look at the flat, but she is adamant that she is not interested. He manages to convince her to go for the ride to Hotten however. Donald feels guilty that he is unable to help Nellie.


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