Henry overhears in The Woolpack that Trevor has been moved on from NY Estates and a temporary manager has replaced him. Donald asks Amos to become editor of the parish magazine for Beckindale. Dolly is fussed over as she attempts to recover from her cold. She's grateful when Annie suggests inviting Jessie for Christmas. Preparations for the Womens Institute Christmas Fayre get underway at the Village Hall. Annie tries to make the Womens Institute take action over Nellie's potential eviction. Donald ponders doing a pantomime for Christmas. Sam tries to cheer up a depressed Nellie. Annie asks Matt to invite Steve to dinner at the farm. Donald decides on 'Jack and the Beanstalk' as the Christmas pantomime. Annie informs Steve over dinner as to the full story of involving Nellie and Fell View Cottage. He's appalled to hear that Nellie is being evicted, having heard that she was moving of her own accord. The raffle is called at The Woolpack and Sam is pleased when he wins third prize. Steve visits Donald about Nellie, he tells Donald he's confronting NY Estates tomorrow with the ultimatum of finding him alternative accommodation or he will resign from the job.


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