Matt phones the police when he gets up in the night and spots a removal van driving off from the farm, believing they were sheep rustling. The driver later skids on the ice in the van and crashes into a wall and is questioned by P.C. Edwards. Matt discovers no sheep have been stolen and the police are unable to do anything. Nellie is annoyed when two men come to measure up to fix the roof at Fell View Cottage for the new occupier, after she's been waiting to have it fixed for years. Steve tells Donald that he's spoken to the manager at NY Estates and threatened to leave his job. Nellie feels guilty when she discovers Steve is threatening to leave his job over her eviction. Steve informs Donald that NY Estates have agreed Nellie can stay at the cottage and they'll fix him and his family up with a modern caravan until they get him something more permanent in the new year. The Womens Institute Christmas Fayre gets underway at the Village Hall. Sam is concerned when Nellie is missing and finds her in the church. He passes the news on that she can stay at the cottage to a delighted Nellie. Annie's amused when Dolly wins the best cheese contest and she fails to come runner-up despite them making the exact same cheese.


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