It's Christmas Eve and the Sugdens prepare the farmhouse for Christmas. Henry is surprised when Annie invites him and Amos over for Christmas dinner. Len informs Amos that Maurice is the new manager of NY Estates. Henry discovers Amos has already bought a turkey for their Christmas dinner. He rings Annie to say that they won't be coming up. Annie also finds out that Nellie is spending Christmas with her sister-in-law. Florrie arrives at the church and finds Donald cleaning the floor and guiltily takes over. He tries to make her consider spending Christmas with her mother, but she says he doesn't know what she's like. As Christmas Day arrives, Amos and Henry exchange gifts. Donald's words have clearly had an effect on Florrie as she brings her mother home to Len's annoyance. Henry finds out that Amos's turkey won't be ready in time for dinner and decides to accept Annie's invitation to dinner after all. Everybody sits down to dinner together at Emmerdale.


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