Concern for Jessie continues at the farm as she is still feeling unwell. Preparations get underway for the pantomime. Henry and Maurice agree to meet to go birdwatching at Moor Farm on NY Estates land. Annie is concerned when an unwell Jessie wants to return to Darlington. She calls for a doctor who recommends she see a specialist. Matt stays behind to look after her as the others leave for the pantomime. Henry is annoyed when he hears Maurice is planning to build a piggery at Moor Farm. Jessie makes Matt promise to drive her back to Darlington tomorrow if she's better. The pantomime production of Jack and the Beanstalk gets underway at the Village Hall. Annie stops Len from causing a scene as he arrives to confront Donald. Donald is left wincing as Dolly forgets her line, Amos gets confused over his and Sam's beanstalk breaks. Joe finishes the pantomime off with a song. Len drags Florrie off to confront Donald. Henry gives Maurice a piece of his mind, telling him there won't be much chance of birdwatching at Moor Farm if he plans to build a piggery there.


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