Henry goes to meet Maurice for birdwatching at Moor Farm. Amos begins his write up of the pantomime for the Hotten Courier. Sam worries about what he will put regarding his beanstalk. Florrie secretly continues cleaning for Donald at the Village Hall and frets about Len being out of work. Donald wants to speak to him. Annie's disappointed when she finds out Matt has agreed to take Jessie back to Darlington. Sam threatens to write a letter to the Courier accusing Amos of sabotaging his beanstalk if he publishes anything negative about him. Henry confronts Maurice about the piggery. Maurice invites him to view a modern pig unit in York tomorrow so he can judge it when he's seen one. Matt drives Jessie back to Darlington. Amos entertains the idea of starting a petition to prevent the piggery. Maurice calls at Emmerdale Farm about widening the road between their land and Moor Cottage. He also invites Annie along to view the pig unit in York. Matt and Sam are untrusting of him. Dolly receives a call from Darlington saying Jessie has been taken to hospital after a neighbour found her lying on the kitchen floor.


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