An emotional Dolly goes to stay with Jessie while she's in hospital. Annie accompanies her. Matt goes to York with Maurice and Henry to look at the piggery in place of her. Amos is annoyed when he realises he's left his keys in his other trousers and arrives back late to find Henry has already left and locked up The Woolpack. Len tries to help Amos get back inside via a window, but Amos freezes at the top of the ladder, afraid of heights. Maurice, Henry and Matt look over the pig farm. Matt isn't impressed. Later, having got back into The Woolpack, Amos puts his petition to prevent the pig farm at Moor Farm up in the bar. Len approaches Maurice to see if he can offer him any work when the pig farm is built. Annie and Dolly visit Jessie who says she feels fine. Annie tries to find out what's wrong with her. Henry struggles to come to a decision on his feelings regarding the pig farm. He speaks to Donald who thinks it might be a good source of employment in the village. Florrie is irritable with Len as she struggles to occupy her time now she's no longer cleaning at the Village Hall. Annie is concerned about Jessie after she speaks to a doctor and finds they're waiting on tests to determine what's wrong with her. Len apologises to Donald for their falling out. He tells Donald that Florrie wants to return to cleaning for him and asks him to put a word in for him with Maurice for work at NY Estates. Dolly arrives back from Darlington and tells Matt that Jessie should be allowed to return home by the end of the week, but she has something wrong with her heart.


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Jessie Renfrew: "There's nothing the matter with me!"
Annie Sugden: "What are you doing in hospital then?"
Jessie Renfrew: "Well that's what I asked the doctor. An' there's no room in the hotels, he says."

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