Joe meets Neil, or Batty as he is called, the foreman of NY Estates and his wife's sister Kitty. Amos tries his hand at poetry for a piece in the Hotten Courier about Donald collecting for the children's hay fund. He wants to put on a choral concert and plans to approach Donald with the idea. Matt suggests Dolly ring Phyllis in the Bahamas instead of waiting for her to get her letter. Tober and Martha More are concerned when they have to prevent their grandchildren from leaving the garden due to Batty speeding around the village. Matt tells Sam and Joe that they've lost a cow and calf due to heart failure. He asks them not to tell Dolly. Kitty calls into The Woolpack for a bottle of coke but Amos refuses to serve her as he is closing. Kitty calls him a misery guts. She's grateful when Henry slips outside and gives her a bottle of coke for free. Martha asks Donald to have a word with Batty about his driving. Amos is left angry when he slips and falls to the ground trying to get out the way of Batty driving on a country lane. Dolly recieves a phonecall from Phyllis saying she can't return to look after Jessie for at least three months due to Leonard having to stay on business.


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