Tober sits on his wheelbarrow in the middle of the road, refusing to let Batty pass by. Martha has enough and leaves him to it. There is talk of the press arriving to cover the incident. Maurice tries to convince Batty to stand down but he refuses. As PC Edwards arrives at the scene, Martha comes up with a plan to end the chaos. A confrontation ensues and Martha grabs hold of PC Edwards' jacket and knocks his helmet off. She is arrested for assaulting a police officer to Batty's disbelief. He drives Tober to the police station. Annie ponders whether it may be worth employing another farmhand. Later, once Martha has been released, she notes Batty driving by at a more appropriate speed. She's relieved to discover Tober and Batty are now getting on fine. Maurice and PC Edwards makes generous contributions to the church concert. Batty recommends Kitty as Emmerdale's new farmhand. Joe is intrigued by the idea and asks Kitty if she'd be interested. She agrees. Joe introduces her to the family and Annie invites her to stay for her tea. Annie plans to let Matt spend time in Darlington with Dolly now they have somebody to help out at the farm. Amos has to pull out of the concert when he comes down with a cold.


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