Joe and Kitty encounter Margaret and David Jennings, a couple holidaying in Beckindale. Joe warns them to keep their dog on a lead. Arthur Braithwaite, a friend of the Sugdens, joins them for dinner for his birthday. Maurice needs to speak to Arthur about the state of his farm. Henry warns him that he's cantankerous and explains to him that Arthur doesn't like him because because he lost an uncle in the mines and blames the wool merchants of which Henry used to have association with. Margaret and David encounter Bull Pot Farm, Arthur's farm, as they follow a foot path while strolling the village. They speculate that an old tramp is living there. Arthur overhears them and points his gun at them until they leave. Sam is upset when he overhears Joe telling Annie that he is just getting under his feet when doing the milking. Maurice visits Arthur about the state of his farm, explaining that he needs to sort it out or he will have his tenancy reviewed. Afterwards, Arthur storms into The Woolpack and causes a scene announcing to the pub what Maurice has just told him.


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