Sam agrees to help Arthur pull his farm into shape. Henry isn't pleased when he finds out Amos has promised to put up a gory poster for National Park Warden, Eric Dawtrey, warning people to keep their dogs on a lead to protect sheep on the surrounding farms. Joe explains to Henry that he wants to plough up Kipps Inlet, a local field. Maurice tells Annie that he wants Arthur to relinquish his tenancy. He wants Annie to have a word with him. She refuses to get involved but agrees to put Maurice in contact with Arthur's daughter. Arthur's annoyed when Eric arrives to give notice he will be reopening a public footpath on his land which Arthur had previously closed, fed up of people using it. He also tells Arthur he is entitled to a grant to help him repair his house. Arthur isn't pleased. Margaret and David ask Henry about an empty cottage they've seen in the village. Amos informs them that it's property of NY Estates for their workers and not for sale. Kitty goes for an interview at NY Estates with Maurice after he pushes her to consider working for him when she's no longer needed at Emmerdale. Arthur leaves Sam working at his farm and goes to Emmerdale to demand Annie write a letter for him. She refuses but he guilts her into doing it. He has Annie produce a letter to Eric telling him that he won't accept the grant or allow him to reopen the footpath. Joe finds Sam and prevents him from going up a broken ladder.


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