Arthur has a change of heart and enthusiastically arrives at the farm to pick up Sam to get to work on his farm renovation. Sam tells him he can't help anymore as will be working at Emmerdale. Annie tells Eileen that she thinks Arthur should give up his farm. Joe is annoyed to find litter crumpled up into a wall on Emmerdale. He blames Eric for encouraging tourists. Sam arrives to help Arthur on Bull Pot Farm. Arthur points his shotgun at Maurice when he arrives, believing he's coming to force him out with the help of thugs. He tells Arthur he's come to talk business, offering the service of his employees to help renovate the farm. Arthur tells him to shove off. When Amos approaches Joe about interviewing him for an article on tourists in the Hotten Courier, Joe goes off in a big rant in the pub about how useless they are in front Margaret and David. Upset, they leave and Henry and Amos aren't pleased with his outburst. Sam is annoyed when Arthur goes for a ride in the tractor with him in the trailer. Maurice confronts Eileen about telling Arthur that he plans to evict him with the aid of thugs, but she tells him she said no such thing. She's livid when Maurice doesn't believe her. When his tractor conks out on Emmerdale, Arthur finds an injured ewe on the farm. He leaves to get Joe and they return to find the sheep dead having choked on a piece of litter.


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