Kitty and Joe fall out when she refuses to cook for the farmers social. Amos lets Simon use his private phone to make a phonecall as the village telephone box is out of order. He listens in on what Simon's saying and discovers him inviting a woman over. He jumps to conclusions when Simon tells him he's not married or engaged. At tea, he tells the Sugdens that it's his mother moving to the village, not him and he's just preparing the house for her. He explains that his father died a few months ago and she wants to move out of her current house. Simon quizzes Joe on Kitty and with their fallout still fresh in his mind, he tells Simon that he and Kitty aren't involved. Joe asks Simon on his thoughts on the village in comparison to Manchester. He shares his feelings of restlessness with Simon when he admits he doesn't think he could move there himself. Matt receives a call from Dolly saying the doctor has been to visit Jessie and it's unlikely that she'll be better anytime soon. Simon bumps into Kitty drinking on her own in The Woolpack and buys her a drink. Matt, Henry and Amos spot them together.


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