Smarty and Poor Occer are in hospital with their injuries, the hitchhiker has died from his. PC Edwards is unable to identify the man and wonders if he is from an institution. Annie recommends Amos get a cat to solve his mouse problem. Colly drowns his sorrows in The Woolpack. Kitty and Dolly disagree over whether Donald should have left for Greece at the height of recent events. Dolly explains that Donald has left behind a locum, Reverend Bob Jerome. Bob comes across Colly sitting in the church. He explains about his daughter and how he's responsible for the hitchhiker's death and that he's struggling to put it out of his mind. Bob finds out he was a boxer and invites him for a drink to chat. Sam rings to check on the family after reading about the crash in the newspaper. Bob invites Henry, Annie and Maurice to the Vicarage to come up with a plan for how best to help those affected by the recent events in the village. Annie tells them that Poor Occer has a vascular condition which has been aggravated by the accident and the only effective treatment is in America. She poses the idea of raising the funds for him to get there.


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