Matt comes up with the idea of an Up Jenkins tournament as a way of raising funds for Poor Occer. Henry receives a phonecall from Bob stating that the man who was killed in the motorbike accident had just been released from prison two days prior. He was in there for two years for sexual crimes and the police believe it to be certain that he was responsible for Wendy's rape. Amos is put out when a stray cat he takes in to help him catch the mouse in The Woolpack eats his chicken sandwiches for the bridge club. Colly tells Bob he's grateful for his support. Maurice shows Amos an advert in the Hotten Courier about a lost cat matching the stray he has. Maurice points out that there's a £5 reward for finding her, which could go to the fund for Occer. Henry arrives with news that it seems Smarty and Occer were responsible for starting the barn fire. The Up Jenkins competition gets underway at the Village Hall. Joe, Matt and Henry reach the semi-final but lose to the Duggans. The following day, the village gather for the Easter service at the church.


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