Olwen struggles with the choir practice. Phil is home from hospital and Terry tells him he doesn't like lying about Joe. Maurice visits Phil to see how he's doing. Detective Superintendent Hoskins quizzes Henry on his understanding on the disagreement between Joe and Phil. He tells him that as a far as he's concerned it was a slanging match with no threats of violence. Annie drops by to see Maggie, but when Phil refuses to let them speak in private, she leaves. Dolly and Matt are concerned when a cow won't touch its food and sounds like it's having difficulty breathing. Olwen tries to convince Henry to return to the choir again when Donald tries to convince her to give up. Henry won't consider it. Detective Superintendent Hoskins questions Joe on the argument he had with Phil in The Woolpack but Joe refuses to talk without his solicitor present. Dolly talks to Matt about children. Sam and Seth boycot drinking in The Woolpack as Amos plans to redecorate. Sam suggests to Seth that they offer to paint it so they can do it in a way that suits them. Olwen decides to leave and return home to her new job. Annie gets Terry on his own and asks him to tell her what really happened. When Terry continues to lie, she reminds him Joe could go to prison. He guiltily remains quiet when Maggie comes out and sends him inside.


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