Sam and Seth recruit helpers to decorate The Woolpack. Phil and Maggie question Terry on what he told Annie but he walks out on them. Maggie works out that Terry has been lying for Phil. Kitty apologises to Joe for saying that she doubted him. Sam, Seth and other customers in The Woolpack turn up with paint and paintbrushes. Amos is secretly pleased when Sam says they will paint The Woolpack themselves free of charge if he agrees to drop the idea of making other changes. Kitty becomes annoyed as Joe continues to fret. Detective Superintendent Hoskins takes Terry back to the scene of the incident in an attempt to clear up some inconsistencies. He gets Terry on his own and persuades him to admit what actually happened. He tells Hoskins that nobody touched the trigger and the gun went off by itself. Amos is chuffed with himself having tricked the customers into re-decorating the pub for him.


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