Amos is doing a Hotten Courier article on Beckindale's past and asks Sam for assistance. Meg Armstrong is suspicious when she receives a letter from her and Seth's son Jimmy, having not heard from him in years saying it's time they got back in touch following their argument. She gets a surprise when she sees Jimmy with his wife, Susan, outside The Woolpack with suitcases. Sam helps Amos with his article but refuses to have his name printed. Fred isn't pleased when Meg moves Jimmy and Susan into his room and puts him in the small room. She worries about Seth's reaction when he comes home and finds Jimmy. Matt and Kitty tend to a dead sheep who has fallen off a ridge onto the farm. Donald and Seth ask Sam to take over his grass cutting duties at the church, now he is working at NY Estates. Donald suggests coming up with a rota. He gets a shock when Sam tells him Jimmy is back in the village and rushes off home. Seth isn't pleased to see Jimmy and gives him an earful, but agrees to Meg and Susan to attempt to make amends.


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