Fred's sure that he heard Susan crying in the night. Annie and Meg make preparations for the church's May Time service. Donald plans to have a communal service with Robblesfield in St. Mary's Church. Sam's appalled by the idea. Dolly meets Susan and invites her in to the farmhouse for a cup of tea. She explains that she and Jimmy are in Beckindale as they haven't anywhere else to go due to Jimmy being made redundant at his mechanical engineering job in Bradford. Dolly thinks she might be able to get Jimmy a bit of work fixing machinery on the farm, but is concerned at how Susan gets her hopes up at the suggestion. Amos is suspicious as to why Jimmy is back in the village and mentions that he may do a little article on him in the Hotten Courier. Jimmy warns him to mind his own business. Joe is interested when Dolly says she's mentioned they might be able to give Jimmy a bit of work. Sam goes to complain to Donald about the communal service between Beckindale and Robblesfield. Amos goes browsing through some old copies of Bradford newspapers and finds a piece about Jimmy saying he was sent to prison for six months after he took a car without consent, insulted a police officer and was caught thieving.


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