Andy suggests that Victoria take Sarah to the swings to give her a rest from helping out at the farm, but Victoria loses Sarah when she wanders out of the shop. Aaron finds Sarah and takes her to Debbie's. The CAFCASS officer happens to be at Tug Ghyll and a smug Cain makes sure that she hears the whole story. The CAFCASS officer heads to Butler's Farm and questions Andy about Sarah's disappearance. Despite playing down the incident, Andy is worried that it has damaged his custody case. Laurel tries to help Nicola face up to her new responsibilities as a mum-to-be by arranging an appointment for her with a midwife. Rodney visits Nicola and is worried when he finds her in an emotional state. Nicola has rushed to the toilet when she suffers from a bout of morning sickness and an unwitting Rodney thinks there is something seriously wrong with her. Rodney confronts Jimmy in the pub and accuses him of stressing out Nicola and making her ill. Brenda moves in with Terry and she is shocked when Gennie reveals that she wants to stay at the flat. Brenda thinks that it's inappropriate, but Bob is happy to let Gennie stay with him, Jamie and the twins.


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