Andy and Victoria are struggling to cope at the farm following Maisie’s departure. Realising that Victoria is at the end of her tether, Andy suggests she takes Sarah to the swings while he tidies up. However, Victoria loses Sarah before Andy’s CAFCASS visit when she wanders out of the shop. Aaron finds Sarah and decides to take her to Debbie’s while the CAFCASS representative is inspecting Tug Ghyll. Cain intercepts Aaron at the door and makes a show of his concern in front of the CAFCASS officer. When she makes an inspection at Butler’s later on, Andy is uncomfortable in answering difficult questions about Sarah’s disappearance. The social worker is keen to play the incident down but she leaves Andy with a bitter taste in his mouth. Meanwhile, Brenda moves in with Terry, but Gennie isn’t keen on a move and asks to stay in the flat. Bob agrees that she should stay with him, Jamie and the twins even though Brenda thinks it isn’t appropriate. Elsewhere, Laurel tries to help Nicola face her new responsibilities by arranging an appointment with a midwife. Rodney visits her and is disturbed to find his daughter in a terrible state. When Nicola rushes off to be sick Rodney’s concern grows even further. Confronting Jimmy in the pub, Rodney demands that he keep well clear from Nicola in the future so as not to upset her further.


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