Chas fears that Cain is leading Aaron astray and turns her frustrations on Paddy. Concerned for his girlfriend, Paddy asks Marlon whether he should say something to Cain but is warned not to endanger his own health by provoking a confrontation. Nevertheless, Paddy stands up to Cain and impresses him with his front. Later, Chas catches Aaron with some money earned from Eli’s job and berates Cain in the Woolpack. She's shocked when Cain admits that Paddy has already spoken to him and agrees to back off. Chas is amazed and quietly impressed with Paddy. Meanwhile, it's Nicola’s birthday but she's hardly in the mood to celebrate. In an attempt to cheer her up Rodney suggests a drink later, but Nicola worries with the pregnancy playing on her mind. She leaves for a doctor's appointment with Laurel and lies to Rodney that they’re going for dinner. Nicola is stunned when the doctor confirms that she is four months pregnant. As the two of them return to the village, Nicola comes to terms with the realisation that she has to tell Jimmy. However, when Jimmy tells her they were never suited to one another, Nicola is hurt and decides to keep her own counsel. Elsewhere, Debbie asks Andy to let her see Sarah until the custody battle is over but he is unreceptive. Debbie is disheartened but Cain convinces her to rehire Aaron so she can devote more time to the fight for custody.


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