Chas shares her worries with Paddy that Cain is leading Aaron astray and a concerned Paddy bravely confronts Cain, who is impressed with Paddy's front. Chas catches Aaron with money earned from Eli's scam and she has a go at Cain in The Woolpack. Chas is quietly impressed with her boyfriend when Cain tells her that Paddy has already had a word. Debbie is downhearted when she approaches Andy about getting access time with Sarah before the custody hearing and he is less than co-operative. Debbie complains to Cain that she's worried she won't get to spend time with her daughter. Cain suggests that she take Aaron on at the garage again so she can devote more time to the custody battle. Nicola is in a miserable mood on her birthday and Rodney tries to cheer her up by suggesting they go for a drink later. Nicola leaves for a doctor's appointment with Laurel and lies to Rodney that they're going for dinner. Nicola is stunned when the doctor confirms that she is four months' pregnant! Nicola realises that she will have to tell Jimmy soon but when Jimmy scathingly tells her they were never suited to one another Nicola is hurt and decides to keep the news to herself.


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