Sam and Amos's article appears in the Hotten Courier - they've based it on the misadventures of Badger Cox. Donald asks Henry to be a representative of Beckindale at the communal church meeting and read one of the lessons. Kitty tells Matt that she doesn't feel like there's anything for her at Emmerdale Farm anymore. Matt lets slip to Jimmy about Susan being pregnant, thinking Susan had already told him. Maurice tells Henry he's planning on renovating the NY Estates properties in the village. Henry warns him to tread carefully. Susan apologises to Jimmy that she didn't get round to telling him about the pregnancy, explaining that she tried to last night. Kitty tells Joe that when her time runs out working for Emmerdale, she'll be leaving the village. Badger Cox appears in The Woolpack to see Amos, accusing him of writing garbled guff in his article about him. When Sam finds out about it, he thinks it's somebody pulling his leg. Susan's concerned when Jimmy struggles to adjust to the news she's pregnant and confides in Dolly.


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