Jimmy realises Susan is at Emmerdale having a heart-to-heart with Dolly and leaves to get her. Sam makes comments about Jimmy having heard gossip in the village. The following morning, Dolly becomes annoyed with Sam's comments. He resides to his shed and is annoyed to find Jimmy in there taking a few items that he needs for his work on the farm. He tells Sam he's picked up on his attitude towards him. Kitty tells Joe that she's been offered a job by a friend on a farm down in Essex and she's going to accept. Badger finds out that Amos's source for the Hotten Courier article on him was Sam and goes to confront him. Sam's disappointed to find out Badger's living in Robblesfield. He tells Sam that his article was garbled and demands a recompense for the slight on his character. Sam and Dolly argue over his attitude to Jimmy.


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