Sam tries to get to the bottom of what's causing his broad beans to become diseased. Dolly receives a call from Dr. Jacobs saying he's managed to get her a last minute appointment with a specialist and he wants Matt to go with her. She confides in Annie. A man sits in a car outside The Woolpack making Amos suspicious. Joe ponders the idea of finding a way to buy Hathersage Farm to expand Emmerdale. Donald runs into Ed Hathersage, the recently deceased Jack Hathersage's nephew, laying a wreath on his grave. He explains that he's arrived in the village to dispose of Jack's farm, only having recently heard of his death due to the solicitor taking time to track him down in the USA. Joe breaks the news to the family that he's thinking of buying part of Hathersage Farm - the farmhouse and 60 acres. Maurice meets Ed and takes him to Hathersage Farm. Amos complains about the man in the car entering The Woolpack, trying different ales in the pub before leaving to go to The Malt Shovel. Henry tells him his name was Ian. Dolly tells Matt about the appointment with Dr. Jacobs. He wishes she'd given him more time to think on it. Amos is even more suspicious when Ian comes back later in the day and tries every beer in the pub again before leaving. Dolly explains to Matt that she feels useless on the farm.


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