Sam continues to worry over his broad beans. The stock sale gets underway at Hathersage Farm. Amos is intrigued as to why Henry is so eager to go to the sale. He gives Henry his notebook so he can jot down observations at the auction to help him produce his report for the Hotten Courier. Sam confronts Henry over what he did to his broad beans whilst he was on holiday. Amos tries to get to the bottom of what Ian's playing at but he walks out before he gets chance. Ed talks to Sam wanting to find out more about his family's roots. The auction gets underway. Amos tries to find out what Ian's up to and rings The Malt Shovel. Ernie accuses Amos of sending Ian over to his pub to spy on him and try all his beers. Henry buys an old plough at the auction. Annie recieves a call from Jack in Rome, who isn't pleased about Joe's plans to expand, worrying they'll end up heading in the same direction as NY Estates. Henry plans to paint the plough up and keep it in the car park as an antique. Amos refuses to have it. Joe doesn't take kindly to Jack's opinion and storms out after an argument with Annie over it.


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