Dolly and Matt go into Hotten for their appointment with a specialist. Annie explains to Sam that Jack's against them buying Hathersage Farm, which has annoyed Joe. Amos is horrified when Henry realises he's lost his reporting notebook at the auction. Donald helps Ed trace his ancestors by showing him a copy of the church records which go back to the early 18th century. Henry sets about restoring the old plough against Amos's wishes. Dolly and Matt leave the hospital with good news having found out that they have nothing to worry about. Sam offers some advice to Henry on restoring the plough, in return he gives him some advice for his beans. Sam's horrified to discover that Henry was speaking to Seth about it however. He later tells Joe that he agrees with Jack's opinion on buying Hathersage Farm and gives him a piece of his mind. Amos is disappointed when The Woolpack customers spend their time outside with Henry's plough rather than in the pub.


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