Joe notices that Hathersage Farm is to be sold in two lots after seeing an article in the Hotten Courier. Dolly sets her sights on the farmhouse. Matt warns her not to get her hopes too high as NY Estates and others might be interested too. He advises her to keep their interest quiet for now. Ed discovers Ian is from the Good Beer Guide and he's checking pubs in the area for inclusion. Dolly goes to look around Hathersage Farm and bumps into Maurice. She discovers that he's not interested in buying the place and is surprised to find out that he has a daughter, Judy, who is a bit of a drifter. She lets slip to him that she and Matt are interested in Hathersage farmhouse. Ed confides in Donald that he and his wife, Patty, haven't been getting along too well recently and doesn't expect she'd care if he stayed in Beckindale permanently. Amos is smug when Henry accidentally reverses his car into the plough, scratching his car slightly. Amos tries to persuade him to get rid of it, but Henry won't listen. He calls at Emmerdale to borrow a wire brush from Sam. Ed tries to determine whether he wants to stay in the village and take over Hathersage Farm and speaks to Maurice about it. Sam tries to find a member for the bowls team when they are one member short. He takes Ed down to the green to give him a trial. Sam's surprised at how good he is and takes him on the team. When he invites him back to the farm for tea, the family get a shock to discover from him that Maurice has made an offer for Hathersage Farm prior to auction.


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