Ed expects he'll leave the decision of Maurice's offer to his agent. Dolly shows him around Emmerdale and explains to him about NY Estates being a big company. Misinterpreting what she's saying, Dolly's deflated as Ed plans to hold out on the offer in an attempt to push Maurice to a higher price. Annie receives a letter from Jack stating he's still not happy with their plans to buy Hathersage Farm. She begins to dislike the idea herself. Joe tries to talk to Henry about preventing Ed from accepting Maurice's offer. Henry is convinced that there's nothing they can do. Sam asks Donald to umpire the bowls match between Beckindale and Hotten Liberals that night. Amos is gobsmacked when Ian tells him he wants The Woolpack to go into the Good Beer Guide. Ed tells Joe, Matt and Dolly that he's returned from his agents with them encouraging him to take the offer but he turns it down as he expects to haggle with Maurice. He later tells Donald that he and Patty have decided to split up. Joe and Sam argue over the purchase of Hathersage Farm. Henry finishes the restoration of the old plough. Donald, Ed and Sam admire his work and suggest that Henry put it out front. Amos starts to come round to the idea. At the bowls match, the opposing team complain that Ed isn't an eligible member as his membership card carries today's date. Sam gets Donald to step in and the match goes ahead with Beckindale losing. Ed asks Maurice what he would do with Hathersage Farm and he admits he would farm it economically with a view of incorporating it into Home Farm in the long term, using the farmhouse for estate workers. Ed isn't keen on his idea.


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