The Beckindale bowling team blame Ed for their loss. Dolly agrees to show Ed some of the local places of interest if he drives her into Hotten afterwards. Henry moves the old plough to the front of The Woolpack. Ed is thoughtful over Dolly's words when he says he finds America quite boring and she suggests he move. Maurice tells Donald that he believes the Sugdens have something to do with Ed rejecting his offer for Hathersage Farm. Dolly and Ed stop off at Rocky Bottom. She accidentally puts her foot in the stream and they stop while she dries off. He confides in her that his wife Patty is leaving him. She tries to console him and talks to him about making a new start. Her words give him the idea of bringing his wife over to Beckindale to make a go of it together at Hathersage Farm. He later mentions the idea to Donald who advises him to give Beckindale a longer trial before making any rash decisions. Amos is annoyed with Henry's plough when children climb all over it and one of them falls and bangs his head. Dolly's pleased when Henry thinks the family should still be prepared to buy Hathersage Farm in case Ed changes his mind.


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