Cain consoles Debbie, who's heartbroken after discovering Michael's seeing another woman. When Debbie’s love-rat boyfriend arrives in the village, Cain slams Michael up against a car and warns him never to set foot near Debbie again - or else! Debbie’s concerned when Cain tells her how he dealt with Michael but later on Michael defies Cain to sneak into Debbie’s house and tell her he can’t give her up. Debbie’s cold but Michael says he’ll be waiting for her at a hotel until tomorrow afternoon and if she doesn’t show he’ll know she isn’t interested. Paddy’s back and Chas is convinced he doesn’t need to know about her one-night stand with Carl. Chas' guilt is compounded when Paddy gives her flowers and chocolates and she’s terrified when she catches Paddy and Carl talking in The Woolpack. Chas has a heart-to-heart with Carl outside The Woolpack and he promises Chas he hasn’t told Paddy about the affair but warns her she can’t keep it a secret forever. Faye and Cain continue to continue their will they-won’t they relationship as they flirt in The Woolpack with Cain even tracking Faye down to the women’s toilets!


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