Matt tells Dolly about how he found Judy, not wanting to mention it to anyone else. Dolly shares the news with him that she thinks she might be pregnant. Judy sobers up and asks Maurice how she got home. She's irritable with him. Matt and Joe try to give advice to Ed on running Hathersage Farm, knowing his way won't work. Donald uncovers that Geoff is a distant relative of Ed. Maurice prays for his daughter in church. Geoff tells Henry he wants to try to convince Ed to turn Hathersage Farm into an old farm museum. Amos remains suspicious when he sees them together. Maurice speaks to Donald about Judy, unsure what to do. Judy calls into The Woolpack and orders a large gin and tonic followed by a full bottle of gin. Amos is annoyed when Geoff reverses his car into the plough. Henry decides that he's right and it will have to go.


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