Leyla is delighted with her new designer shoes and covers that she paid for them on her credit card. However, when Nathan arrives at the shop to take the petty cash tin and balance the accounts she starts to panic and confesses her crime to Gennie, who warns her this could land her in trouble with the police. Nathan instantly realises money is missing from the petty cash and Leyla tries to hide her guilt when he places the responsibility on Doug as the manager and questions whether he's trustworthy. In the pub later, Maisie comments on Leyla's shoes and when Nathan overhears her telling Leyla £250 is a bargain for them, he realises she's responsible for the missing money. Feeling she has no choice, Leyla owns up to Nathan who's annoyed but tells her if she returns the cash within the month, he’ll look the other way. Leyla's relieved but does Nathan have an ulterior motive? Elsewhere, Debbie is keen to spend her first day as a proper couple with Michael but he's eager to get back to Durham claiming he has some explaining to do. However, Cain remains cynical about him. Is Cain right to have doubts about Michael? Meanwhile, Laurel is taken aback when Sally arrives needing someone to talk to and Ashley obliges. She confesses that her marriage to Vincent is in a terrible mess and Ashley offers her advice, but when Laurel arrives home she's perturbed that Ashley won’t tell her about Sally's problems. Also, Nikhil is furious when Priya arrives at the factory in last night's clothes which are torn after a brawl in a bar. Worried she's out of control he refuses to give her preferential treatment.


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