Donald calls at Home Farm to speak to Maurice. Judy lets him in to leave a note. He accidentally knocks over her bottle of gin as he gets up. Henry tries to convince Amos he is not selling his share of The Woolpack but he's doing a bit of business with Geoff and Ed and they will be taking the plough off their hands. Geoff takes Henry to a country crafts museum to explain what his idea for Hathersage Farm is. He explains he wants the farm to be an actual living farm museum, dedicated to farming the traditional way. Donald asks Annie to have a word with Judy subtly to see if she will open up to a woman about what's causing her to drink so heavily. They try to find a way to do it discretely. Maurice tries and fails to prevent Judy from going out drinking. He calls Amos at The Woolpack and asks him to send her home at once when she enters the pub, implying he doesn't want her drinking. Geoff, Henry and Ed sit down to talk business. They determine that Emmerdale will have their 50 acres of Hathersage Farm and the remaining land will be dedicated to the living farm museum, with Geoff staying in the farmhouse full time and Ed returning from the US with his family in the summer. Henry tactfully deals with Judy when she arrives and she takes the hint and leaves. She bumps into Joe who offers to buy her a drink. She gets him to take her to The Feathers.


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