Maurice is concerned as Judy has yet to return home. He explains to Donald and Annie that she has a drinking problem and found her in a terrible state at her flat in Halifax so insisted she stay with him in Beckindale. Annie and Donald arrive back at the farm and find Joe has been for a drink with her and has brought her back as she has been sick. The next morning, Judy wakes up and apologises to Annie. She's envious at how happy Dolly is and upset to hear that she and Matt are trying for a baby. She confides in Annie that she had to get rid of her child. Matt goes with Dolly to the doctors. Henry tells Joe and Annie that the 50 acres of Hathersage Farm is theirs if they want it and explains about the living farm museum. Annie believes Judy got rid of her child due to her career as a Textiles Engineer, but she admits her boyfriend Harry didn't want to know as soon as he discovered she was pregnant and she got rid of it for him. She continues that that also backfired as Harry still doesn't want to know her. Dolly is over the moon as she discovers she's pregnant. Sam is pleased with the news about the plans for the museum farm. The family gather to celebrate Dolly's pregnancy news and the addition of 50 extra acres for Emmerdale.


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