Enid critics Amos's poetry and tactfully tries to put him off writing. Maurice discovers Judy was responsible for arranging to clean up Cricket Lane. Amos realises that he's accidentally passed the old coin on in somebody's change. Judy tells Annie that she believes Enid is keeping a fox as a pet, saying she saw one when she borrowed a hose from her to clean up Cricket Lane. Bob tries to persuade Judy to get involved with the meeting and talk about looming to the village's elderly residents. She turns it down, admitting to Annie that Bob's attitude to her makes her uncomfortable, wishing he would just be straight with her. Annie convinces her that he means well. The Woolpack begins selling 'ploughman's lunch'. Maurice tries to talk to Sam about Annie's help with Judy but he quickly abandons the conversation. Matt finds Enid disturbing the geese on the farm while looking for wild flowers and herbs. She asks Matt if he's seen a small monkey as it's disappeared. Judy tells Bob she's reconsidered and will talk to the elderly residents of the village about looming. Amos gets a surprise when he walks in the backroom at the pub to find a monkey on the table.


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