Nathan's intrigued after seeing Ryan and Maisie kissing and coldly warns Ryan that he'd better make a choice as he doesn't want to see his sister hurt. Guilty, Ryan goes to see Maisie but she insists she'll talk to her brother. They're a thrown, though, when Katie interrupts their conversation, beaming about a house that she's found for her and Ryan. Later, Maisie and Ryan secretly meet and she informs him that she's spoken to Nathan who's agreed not to tell Katie about their affair. Ryan, however, shocks Maisie when he announces that he's going to break up with Katie. Ryan passionately looks at Maisie and hugs her reassuringly, leaving a triumphant Maisie reeling from what they're about to embark on. Meanwhile, Aaron feels uncomfortable when a male customer at the garage makes advances toward him and hands him his number. An amused Cain watches on and is quick to tease a self-loathing Aaron, who aggressively snaps at him. Later, Paddy arrives at the garage to talk to Aaron about his birthday arrangements but when Cain mentions the gay customer, Aaron fumes as Paddy joins Cain in their spiteful jibes. Elsewhere, Nicola's annoyed to see Sally leaving Mulberry Cottage and confides in Jimmy that she's sure something's going on between her and Ashley. Later, Ashley's helping Nicola and Jimmy organise the christening but insults Nicola's choice of song, reminding her that it's a religious ceremony. Offended, Nicola spitefully reminds Ashley that he's married and accuses him of having an affair with Sally.


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