Katie's nervous about moving in with Ryan and her anxiety intensifies when he says that they need to talk. Katie bumps into Maisie in the village but is confused when she avoids conversation and races off to work. Later, Katie's shocked when Ryan reveals that he doesn't think they're working, before admitting that he doesn't love her. When Ryan can't offer an adequate reason for dumping her, Katie's livid and angrily asks him to leave. Riddled with guilt, Ryan and Maisie share a secret embrace. They assure each other that they've done the right thing, before agreeing to keep it a secret from Katie and their families for the time being. Meanwhile, Adam mocks Holly when he hears her talking to Aaron on the phone. He teases his sister for throwing herself at him but Adam's pleased when she Holly admits that Scarlett fancies him. Later at the pub, Adam notices Aaron staring at him and Scarlett. In the toilets, Adam confronts Aaron but Aaron lets the situation drop, not wanting to rise to his friend's spiteful taunts. Aaron backs off when Holly kisses him but when he sees Adam and Scarlett kissing at the bar, Aaron throws himself into a passionate embrace with Holly. Elsewhere, Ashley's a little anxious by what people are saying in the village about him and Sally. He's therefore disheartened when she turns up at the church to help him with his work. Concerned about what people think, he politely tells her that he's busy. Not taking the hint, though, Sally brightly confesses that she'd love to help him. Later in the pub, Ashley's downbeat and is worried what people might think of him being there with Sally. With that, he confides in Diane that he's scared about Laurel believing the gossip about him and Sally. Diane, however, insists that Laurel wouldn't listen to such idle chit chat, but Ashley remains unconvinced. Also, Cain surprises Charity with an expensive engagement ring.


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