Frustrated that Aaron's using Holly to hide his true feelings, Adam tells him to end his fling with her, insisting that she'll get hurt in the long run. Aaron, however, mocks Adam's threat, leaving his friend more eager than ever to protect his sister. Later at Butler's Farm, Holly mistakes Aaron's discomfort for thoughtfulness when he pulls away from kissing her. Aaron nervously covers but he finds it hard to relax as she leads him upstairs. Moments later, a high-spirited Aaron appears downstairs in only his boxers and as he retrieves a beer from the fridge, he's met with Adam's angry stare. As the pair argue, Holly interrupts and shouts at her brother, clearly annoyed by his constant interfering. With that, Holly demands to know why Adam's so against her going out with Aaron. Pushed to the limit, Adam blurts out that Aaron tried to kiss him. The room falls silent for a moment but Holly doesn't believe him and as Aaron denies the whole thing, Adam ends up looking foolish. Adam's gobsmacked at Aaron's complete denial and storms out, leaving Holly laughing at her brother's admission. Aaron kisses Holly but he's clearly unnerved by the close call. Meanwhile, Ashley thoughtfully flicks through the holiday brochures that Sally handed him. Sandy suggests that he should ask Laurel to go away with him but he's thrown when Laurel hangs up on him after he pitches the idea. Fed up of seeing Ashley so down, Diane goes to Mulberry Cottage armed with a plan. She asserts that it's about time that Ashley told Sally to move on - as it's the only way he'll win Laurel around. Elsewhere, Katie confides in Maisie about being dumped by Ryan and she seems genuinely concerned about her friend's predicament. However, when Katie asks her to find out if Ryan's seeing anyone else, she's forced to cover her guilt. Later in the pub, Ryan's awkward when Katie asks to talk but he abruptly brushes her off. Later, Maisie's angry at Ryan for the way he treated Katie and insists that she deserves to know the truth. As the pair embrace, they reflect on the predicament they're in.


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