Sally's thrilled when Ashley asks her if she'll pop around later as he has something he needs to talk to her about. Edna arrives home to find Sally all dolled up, clearly having made an effort for Ashley. While Sally's on a high about her visit, Edna's concerned about Sally's excitement. As Sally arrives, Ashley nervously accepts the wine she hands him and clearly on a mission, Sally misreads his intentions. Ashley doesn't make the situation any easier for himself, though - while he cautiously attempts to tell Sally to leave, he tries to sweeten the atmosphere by complimenting her. Sally's thrilled and thinking that he's about to profess his love for her, she leans across and kisses him. Horrified, Ashley jumps up and questions her motives, but she insists that it's what they both want. Meanwhile, John's concerned when he notices the tension between Adam and Holly. Eager to discover the truth behind their animosity, he questions Adam. Defeated, Adam admits that Aaron tried to kiss him. Realising that his son isn't winding him up, John realises what Adam's insinuating. Aaron, meanwhile, is reassured when Holly believes his protestations that he isn't gay. Elsewhere, Ryan's worried when he sees how downbeat Katie looks in the pub. He attempts to apologise but is quickly shot down when she calls him a lying, cheating scumbag, leaving Ryan shamed at his actions.


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