The builders start work on the pig unit. Buckley gets his car stuck in a muddy field much to the amusement of Sam as Matt and Joe struggle to move it. Penny's friend Gwen arrives; she's also brought a friend with her, David. Penny is sheepish and apologises to Jack. He's not pleased. Jack arrives at Emmerdale Farm and embarrasses Buckley. Jack lays down house rules for the guests. He quizzes them on their past and clashes with David quickly. Penny and David go for a walk at the pig farm site. He finds a piece of pottery. Gwen inspects it back at the millhouse, she thinks it's part of a Bronze Age beaker. Penny arrives at Emmerdale Farm and asks to use the telephone to ring Bradford University for advice on the piece of pottery. They're invited to the university and set off for Bradford, but stop by the field to see if they can find anything else first. As Buckley comes to find out what they're doing, David finds a skull in the ground.


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