Ashley's horrified by Sally's actions and claims, especially when she shouts that he chose her over Laurel because they're meant to be together. As an embarrassed Sally rushes out the house, Jimmy pops into Mulberry Cottage to talk about the christening. Ashley despairs as he tells Jimmy about Sally and how foolish he feels for letting Laurel down. Jimmy consoles him but Ashley's wracked with guilt as he remembers all the things Laurel told him about Sally. He goes to Edna's to settle things with Sally once and for all. While he's there, Ashley curiously asks Sally if Laurel's claims were true but she innocently denies ever harming his wife - suggesting that she'd swear on the Bible. Ashley's stunned when Sally admits that she's fallen in love with him, while he realises that she purposefully tried to ruin his marriage. Sally panics as Ashley asks her to leave the village and begs him not to be so cruel. Meanwhile, Natasha's suspicions grow when Nathan returns from playing golf using Mark's trolley - if Mark wasn't using it, then where's he been all day? At Faye's, though, she and Mark are arranging to put a deposit on a house. When Mark returns to Home Farm, he puts some washing on and Natasha quizzes his actions. Mark, however, lies that he got soaked while playing golf. As Mark leaves, a disbelieving Natasha reaches into the washing machine and retrieves Mark's golf shirt, which is bone dry. Natasha's suspicions turn to anger as she realises that her husband is lying to her. Elsewhere, Moira's stunned when John tells her that Adam suspects Aaron is gay. When Adam arrives home, he's frustrated to find his family laughing at the idea that Aaron could be gay. Holly scoffs at the idea again, leaving Adam incredulous at his unsupportive family.


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