Adam won't drop his suspicions about Aaron being gay and while he's still trying to convince his parents in the pub, the Dingles overhear their conversation and question the Bartons' insinuations. Later, Cain teases Aaron about being gay but rattled, he laughs it off, unhappy that Adam's being so insensitive. Paddy, meanwhile, is confused when Shadrach comments on Aaron's sexuality and he later questions Aaron, offering him someone to talk to. Aaron, however, brushes him off, making a point of telling him he's going to see Holly. Ashamed, Aaron pays Adam a visit and confronts him about the rumours he's spreading. Aaron's further frustrated when Adam tells him that if he breaks up with Holly, he'll say that he misread their near-kiss. With that, Aaron storms away totally confused. Elsewhere, Natasha's determined to discover the truth about Mark's edginess, so decides to test him by suggesting that they try for another child. She's unnerved, though, when she notices how cautious he is and pushes Mark further to explain. But she is left disgusted when he uses Will's epilepsy as an excuse not to have another child. Panicked, Mark visits Faye at the factory and they both worry that their affair's about to be rumbled. Faye insists that Mark's overreacting but when he reveals that Natasha wants another baby, Faye's reeling as they realise that they're going to have to come clean with everyone. Elsewhere, Edna's troubled when she questions Sally about Ashley. Edna gets more than she bargained for in Sally's response, though, when Sally insinuates that she and Ashley were intimate and he's as much to blame as her. Sally's privately pleased, while Edna's thoughtful at Sally's 'revelation', having latched on, once again, to her scheming.


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