Mark's in turmoil as he agonises over telling his family that he's leaving with Faye. Unable to go through with it, he lies to Natasha that he has a meeting in town and with that, he heads out to see Faye. Natasha's sure Mark's lying and her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers that he doesn't have a meeting at all. Spotting his car outside the café, she calls him on his mobile and she's furious when he continues to lie about his whereabouts, maintaining that he's in town. Natasha watches Faye's cottage and when she sees Mark walk out, she's motionless. Natasha's eyes glisten with hurt and betrayal as her worst fears become a reality. Aaron's still troubled over Adam telling everyone he's gay and when he realises that he's been quite cool with Holly, he makes sure that Adam's listening when he invites her round to the house as Paddy's going out. Later, when Paddy walks in on him and Holly getting intimate on the sofa, Aaron feigns surprise. Charity's finding factory work tedious and is put out when Chas asserts her authority as supervisor. Later, Nikhil's unimpressed when he discovers Charity messing around. Nikhil realises that he's met his match when she doesn't let him to belittle her - she gives as good as she gets. Also, Maisie and Ryan relish the danger of sneaking around.


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