Matt receives news from the doctor that Dolly's blood pressure has gone up again, but it's unlikely to be anything to worry about. Alice speaks to Annie about her planned talk on attitudes to divorce, wondering if a discussion may be better than a talk. Joe bears the brunt of Matt's bad news when he arrives back from the hospital. Jesse rants about Richard to Henry and Amos, telling him of his plans for the pine forest. Amos plans to write a newspaper article on it, but Henry stops him until he's had a word with Richard himself. Matt receives a call saying Dolly's been taken suddenly ill and he dashes off to the hospital. Richard is annoyed when Henry confronts him about his plans for the pine forest and confronts Jesse over making the information public. Still angry with him, Jesse hands him his resignation. Joe tries to ring The Woolpack to cancel his drink with Judy, but is unable to get through as the phone is off the hook. A frustrated Judy leaves The Woolpack after sitting on her own, leaving a message with Henry and Amos telling Joe to 'get lost' should he want to invite her in future. Joe is worried when he finds Snip has escaped from her kennel again. Judy rants about Joe to Richard, saying the villagers were staring at her whilst she was alone in The Woolpack, wondering if she had turned back to alcohol again. Annie's concerned when the doctor explains to her that Dolly's condition is very serious. Henry begins to come round to Amos's diet, but Amos begins to stodge himself with food when Henry isn't looking. Matt is told that Dolly's condition is critical and they must operate now.


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