Sam helps Joe on the farm as Matt waits at the hospital for news on Dolly. Joe's relieved when Snip turns up. Judy rants to Joe about him not showing up at The Woolpack last night, but drives off before he has the chance to explain. Amos and Henry worry over Dolly, with Amos in particular taking the news badly. Matt grows irate at the hospital as he waits for news. The doctor informs him that Dolly is recovering well but she's miscarried. Ruth is relieved when Richard says he won't be expecting them to vacate the farmhouse even though Jesse's handed in his notice. Jesse notes that one of his lambs has been bitten by a dog. Annie, Joe and Henry are shocked by Dolly miscarrying. Matt broods on his own. Joe leaves a message with Richard that Dolly's lost the baby, asking him to explain to Judy for him. Sam tries to take Matt's mind of things by motivating him over the sheepdog trials. Joe and Judy make up. Later that night, Snip escapes from her kennel again as Matt leaves to visit Dolly.


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